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Corey sucks for air.What a HUMP!!
Very happily married
Amazing player
poker stud
do u want to go out
Overpaid and seems to be arrested in development.
Nobody cares who he's sleeping with now, trying to compare any girl to lily is a losing situation
does he have a wife I thought he was gay
jan wochna, england carlisle
Well I don’t know if he does but I’ll take him
Tim Miles is one of the best coaches in the country. His tweets are great and his offensive sets are unbeatable. This forum is off base thinking Nebraska should fire him.
Whitney Palmer500 Harbor Cove CircleLongboat Key Florida34228
he got plumb and when bald....Queen Emi
Always a great team member
Jason Koon the poker player sleeps with hookers in Vegas and loves gay men too. He done my housemate few weeks ago!
Farrell sucks balls.
I'm not saying Doug is gay, but why would it be offensive if he were? Asking to report that is offensive in and of itself. If he is, that's OK. If he's not, that's OK. The important thing is he's really really funny.
He sucks ass
Kevin lee is the definition of a NOG!
Ray Stannard, LaCrosse Wisconsin
Professional borrower and gambling addict
Sorry ladies he's married.
happily married
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