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Omg. Is it true Nick bankrolls the entire Watney family and Nick's mom can't stand Amber???????
Too long without a nasty comment about this idiot.
Chave, France
22:21 Not a math whiz either. Are you. A negative is worth less than zero. Idiot.
A cringeworthy and embarrassing fool along the lines of the idiotic Briny Baird. How this intellectually challenged clown has won tournaments is beyond me.
Tommy Hitt, Birmingham,Al
This Douche Bag is a has been.. He is currently working at a fast food restaurant in his town of Swedish Semen.
Bobby Feike, San Antonio, TX
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Maja Alvrud, Sweden, Sigtuna
Nice Showing at the Championship in Atlanta... What did you cum to last ?? Way to whip oh Homosexual One !!!
Jason Day you are my motivation for delivering a Childrens Message this Sunday. The Topic is Soul Detox. How has negative thoughts impacted your life in the past? I will be preaching that you can overcome negativity and not allow others to effect you with negative or harmful words. Your story of how you overcame this from an abusive Father to becoming a World Number 1 Golfer is a great testimony!
Cathy Kramer, Chicago
Screw Fatrick and his bitch wife.
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Guys a dirtbag
Is that how many bad passes Bradley makes per year? I would have thought it was more than that.
Nice Play!! at the Boeing. Good following you at Salem. Bummed I couldn't make it Sunday!!!!!!
Those last three posting Rookie...they're the best. Shows everyone how fukking stupid you really are...More meaningless gibberish from a true asshole...
Matt is one of the sincere good guys on the tour. You on the other hand are a jealous shmuck who jacks off to miss piggy! Matt earned over a million bucks lat year while your fast food boss just raised your minimum wage to 7.50 p/h!
Teddy Kurz, Aventura, Florida
I really believe that This Bag of douche has a future at his local convenience store...or somewhere in the fast food..or oral sex industries...
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I sometimes wonder how a woman with large breasts is able to get the golf club completely around. How does Mark do the same with that humongous growth on his stomach ?
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