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It's incredibly annoying how fake she is. Her Instagram portrays the opposite of what her life is. Jordan treats her like garbage. People have heard him say many times how girls like Rachel Gagne are hotter than Lauren, how embarrassing she is, that he will only do things if she cooks and sucks his d*ck. This girl needs to get real and stop lying to the world. Been together since gr 10 lmao. Jordan is known for having the most notches on his team and talk around Calgary is that she has f*cked at least 5 other guys during the summers Jordan dumped her and playboyed it up. It's a joke of a relationship she so desperately tries to make people think is perfect. Did I mention she's annoying AT x million on social media. She can have all of the money in the world and will still be a complete try hard, have horrible fashion, zit face, straw hair, disgusting body and wish she was everything she's not. Don't be fooled by her Instagram this girl is nothing that she portrays! Stay ugly, fat and annoying girl! Your man sh*t talks you like no other and f*cks anything that will keep their mouth shut about it hahahahaha
she cheated on ryane with more than one person. she was with a guy i know after she got married and his initials were CS
He caught her with a black guy? That's kinda kinky. I kind of agree with rookie 03:38 in that it's been a pretty damn long time that they have been together and no ring! 28 isn't that young. And isn't she like 30 or something?
Won't waste a minute watching or streaming any weekday regular season Hab game. May tune in for a period or two on a Saturday night, more for tradition's sake than anything else. So exhausted from watching Price do nothing, lose games and get praised by the Molson media boys I agree it is a joke but not worth paying money or using data for and not worth wasting personal relaxing time on. The Habs have really let their old-timer fans down. Only little Forrest Gump fans can watch their hero now.
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Reply-to:6 years? Geez, can you say cougar?Mhm sure. You people disgust me, they're happily married. A nd you're just jealous.
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I am very excited and grateful to ZEUSHACKERS01 at OUTLOOK dot COM for helping me to hack my cheating bf's cellphone and facebook messages. I actually thought it wasn't possible until they did the hack within few 9 hours at a cheap cost and even helped to recover his deleted messages with the stupid lady he was dating secretly. I'll advice you to also reach him for hacking jobs like improving your credit score
Some of his teammates are super private on super media. I'm pretty sure the entire team has been at a few events and you never see some of them pop up on social media unless their girlfriends drag them on. I don't know why people can't accept that Tyler can be friends with his teammates and hang out with them but maybe not necessarily best friends. You probably have friends you go out to lunch and dinner with who you wouldn't go on vacation with. Also calm down about his sisters. That's such a gross and out of line thing to say. Siblings can be friends with each other. Sometimes people have good relationships with their families. It's not weird.
Rookie 15:54 This board is full of Russian trolls and Russian spam.
He signed with The Blues again.
Luke Stringer
Charissa is an athlete skank. Pernell Karl will figure that out eventually.
She's rich as f***. I don't feel bad for her. She'll manage. And it makes her obnoxious flaunting more funny.
Looks like medical forms in JL's story.
Fingers crossed for Brooks being picked up by LA Kings after his OTGWG last week.
he has a girlfriend in Wpg, I've seen them several times
A narcissist leaves one relationship and goes straight into another to hide their issues that are deeply embedded. They require someone To idolize them at all times. Never to be alone looking at their true selves the ones they loathe.
Why does Leni always look so miserable? Cause superstar sister Lyla gets all the attention!!!
Yes, she was at the game tonight.
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