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She's a witch
What videoes? I didn't do any videos lmao
Missed the beginning of the game. Did they all take a knee?
Wow vet. no comment.Go Packers!!!
F uck u and ur stupid gay boyfriend coach....retired already I f ucken faggot !
All I'm going to say is if she thinks marriage is going to fix the cheating, it's not. If anything it might get worse
12:01 Your responses are so predictable. Someone comments and you always say "DIE BITCH". How creative and imaginative. You possess the mental capacity of an old button.
This forum is hilarious!!!! Met Breanne months ago on a night out. Met her through a mutual friend/coworker. She came off extremely friendly but only seemed to talk about her life the entire conversation as if we cared to hear it. We sat there acting so intrigued on what was going on in her life. She didn't ask one question about us or how our night was or anything. definitely came off an "all about me" kinda girl.
Danny is playing today folks so is Gronk. Shame Jules isn't
Marshawn is that dude. Keeo your life private to the point that a forum in which you could lie about him or tell the truth is dead.n😂
At least Joe Flacco complete a pass to the Jaguars within the first 25 minutes, even if not to his own team. 4 yards of offense in the first 25 minutes of a game is pitiful
Reply-to:They follow each other on fb. Ak is just being nosy that is all. She is with Bruno MTV.Well, if we see someone start excising onstage, lifting chairs and tables above their head and such, in Crossfit style, we'll confirm her presence.
legend is a best friend of Russell and also advisor.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkReply-to:WHAT? Legend 02:09
For a legend you are thin skinned. MAGA MOLON LABE MANDA
That statement makes no sense.
You need to be an NFL commentator if you are not picked up by a team, you would be great.
But growing up in Louisiana you would think you know otherwise, but it's completely opposite.
Tyrod Taylor really sucks. He does not throw before receiver gets there. McDermott and Beane made it worse by dumping Watkins. The whole offense is a pathetic pile of garbage being led by an inept QB.
He needs to be a commentator on Sunday NFL if he is a free agent and will not be picked up by a team
shannen has a boyfriend and it's not jimmy. her ig story is always filled with another guy, that's her boyfriend.
Phuck you Kiesha carlsson. If you spent as much time being a good wife as you did spying, you'd still be married. phuk you to the person who brought race into this forum. Phuk you in your stupid ass. You're hiding behind anonymous identity. Signed, Charlie Murphy
I hope J.J. takes a knee during the anthem. His teammates of color need to know he supports them as well, through all this hatred.
Sammy Baugh has passed away but if he were alive today he could start and take rg3 job !!!! You suck rg3
Wonder if Brady will continue to support his friend Trump, or get on his knees for the anthem for the blacks.
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