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I think he'll stay away.
Do you think, with Jule's sense of humor, that he intentionally hooked up with a child-like model to coincide with the nation-wide press release of his potential 2nd career as a children's book author?
Reply-to:You are right Ashton can say whatever she wants cause it dont mean nothing. He made his choice. Its over.Don't be so Confident! Mrs. Ashton Wilson knows this man inside and out. I'd rather be Right and Cautious than Wrong and Confident! You guys are over confident about your HERO.
A plane ticket is a click away he can mess with someone from wherever he wants
She is coming back to K'c for the game do they even live together
alabama girl?? Where they meet lolllll😫
you can find garrett odion on fb also his gmail is royalbluerhino
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Is Colin still dating that Nigger wannabe, Nessa?
Emmanuel sanders
More than likely family, niece, cousin, and I think he has god daughters
Rob and Tom both at walkthrough practice and both a go for Sunday per reports
12:44 fukk you worthless monkey
Its ALL a part of the script and Dockett was just there to give crying ass DN a storyline. They knew each other way before that fake ass podcast.She's a beautiful girl and considering the offer for him came with pussy and a check of course he signed that contract. And for her its all about another football player's dick to ride and a chance to stay relevant when she's really just another baby mama on a reality show, degree or no degree.
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Ok..Yes he never uses condoms. Why is that relevant because the woman could make him.
At home with his fiancé 🗣
Exactly hired help sex worker
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Reply-to:Eric has golden hands and is the most underrated player in the NFL. Hes a first ballot hall of fame inductee on talent alone. Naysayers keep pointing to a perceived lack of production but they dont see all the intangibles. He keeps the locker room loose with his infectious smile and you cant put a price on that. Hes widely regarded as the best tight end in the business and only Gronk comes close.Ha ha Is that you Ebron? You are right. You do have golden hands for letting the ball slip from your fingers. If they gave out a trophy for dropping the ball, you would win.
Reply-to:And for the record we don’t give a fuk bout no baby he already got them. Whoever she is dumb frank done with football she won’t get nothing but basic child support that divided by all the kids leaves nothing 😂😂😂😂 good luck with you baby sweetie we will never meet it!That is probably exactly why his old azz is still playing. He has to figure out how he is going to continue peel out to cover his tracks.....LOL. That's the truth, my dear whomever you are.
Who is cupcake?The question was never answered.
I think they are involved but not dating and I don't think the goal is a relationship with her I think he's just having fun. She follows Randall Cobb and his wife on Instagram I think as soon as she pushes him to a relationship and to make it more know he will kick her to the curb. Aaron's history is he doesn't like being alone he seems to always need a female "companion"
That wasn't on his sc, that was on draft kings sc. his last snap was him in LA. It was a pic of himself the day he was with ajay and Tevin at a tennis court practicing. I have him on sc so I know for sure. I don't know who you got on sc
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