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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 10 Jan 2018 04:36:42 GMT reply
I'm dying I'm not on.
I'm at mental place . Thur
Not ever been on . Not known whatever u guys all talkn bout
Plus had bitch kids birth slaves go
And I'm smoking weed doin pot marijuana cocaine holain ..
Hey butt rapers .
Aha..Scott u come to my house after all this I'm get him fukr yu see do u ..
Not like man. Ur stinks pit poop.on floor from hell buddy la la go
I'm breathing Scott for u hell I n cell.
Baby ..
Mhm yah Dy IU n right maybe be baby
Hey yo .. me know u guys in there gals what this I herd mhm.
Me heard rumor dam it fukn I did he blonde guy Faber ass kick he butt rape em Reed Faber guy how he blonde me butt fuk yah look at kids Calvin a Amber go
Hey pie holes u know here fukr right home's yah u lier do so lol
Bug lip guy right
Hey u dying Calvin u got out hospital for what fir cryn man like mom.what .
I'm not had one that thur
I'm fine thur
I'm with Matt sutn gossip go
Now open fight night we stay sober ..
Let Dogs Out..
Meet up him W Walmart boy . He nirga pist he thin someone had heart attack on here .. huh
But not tis lady Armstrong gal go kick ass well I go again jail.alright fukr .
It on who fuk u now hope u ass clowns know call somebody. I help you out like Faber and Seeley get polopoho hg et him hey no listen Nate Faber I know mine go
Calvin . That pist I think so go
She hung phone up on me . Think so not I fine oky
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 08 Jan 2018 09:09:30 GMT reply
Who that that her family again show us on Google Melody Armstrong as Deb daughter Kevin as but r u Bj Armstrong.
Same letter to JoAnn write aunt thur m huh. Bob Thornton son BITCHES check that go give paper write em go no mouth word in kick ass boy go did kick go retard hg hh how bad Santa that guy go idiots fukr clown hey get tis on news show on kaloland clowns ruin interstate go
No new years party not out thur no man herd from neighbors from thur go lol so
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 08 Jan 2018 09:00:21 GMT reply
I'm dating Scott Baer go home from house leave .. here walk out thur
Let's see that name I'm chieley than Baer go auto repair guy Nebraska Algona
Cmon u snoop big show u loose Ur big show get Misehloff files go I live Iowa.
Sioux City idk. Go guy i know her not u
Send Rob go same
Hi Jodi lier dying car o it doors go.lol
Lier name Jodi u meet u Jodi right not real name I'm spike Bday JoAnn go me
I'm Putin shit back boy spike what have big show idk. Know sting go we herd type here go Altman went thru lie not touch check u know Brandon not trust boy up
U go get ground but raping me as JoAnn Armstrong her some by retards handicaps I herd sayn I'm artistic autism ..
Yah welfare shown do pay so kid u W as her as child went back and show brace for need on crooked teeth go
Hilton why not put caps on m
Skyla please Calvin u all burn her go
Get flair h ey watch mouth thur
U made tv FABER
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 08 Jan 2018 07:12:36 GMT reply
Sure not want me have phone charger up ..
R cause me miss Armstrong I meet u attached phone store u Lance racer family truth no lie ..yas think so.
Was slow in school learn too go . Okay
Alright . Why was u slow . Cuz dad touch me told cops . He lied to Dave nelson
And shot me head for lies . Ho
But to tell lies thur
But then I went before that write up it.
He broken my arms that how happen ho
Who u put ho.
Ashlee u ho.
I her feels like seen her. Beet
Had mine go non businsee
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 22:20:53 GMT reply
She fatso lard ass fat ugly got told fr Vick to tis from Eagles ..
Aha. Hey u boss at man. U Walker round .
Guy in UFC Fighter u BOSS of UFC ..
Hey u Dana .. it's Charlie Sheen ..
Say JoAnn use to no guys not ..
Why not claim talk to her at mom funeral talk think Boicourt behave that Thur funeral reading up her go
And this not lies if June sayn Vick on same birthdate that's why voice box remover thur go Deion Sanders.go
Calvin and Moose go get ground go fukrs
TR old Vick and the bring down house too of my birthdate Deion Sanders.as Joan go
Get Him fukr I'm dying not no wrong go
Make out yap go
Try Kelly.put back JoAnn u Durant that looks let her
JH ey I know Keiper as Andy I'm usen it guys Deb. Doyle wit Kramer marriage thought was Thomas h er ugly at time go
Married Bob thur guy name Deb go
Right u r go fukr who u mine say I do no
Okay gossip u lady Sony no u sat behind show yah herd chin know sexy long time ago h ey dog move go away hey one rm papers excuse me manners but not dig Alona r on air member Sam it brain lady m go dam it listen up go later out Jo.
Ho go u lol
We did attack leg go hey dog pepper go
Fukr bitches get off rei n kick black Ass haird fat sexy chick from white black nigra phat bitch from hell in cell go lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 22:05:54 GMT reply
No idk..
U not teeth braces why shelley shelley.tis Lori but checkn
Monson dental know he not had sos.
Calvin Ur Stepsister not stupid go
I get back JoAnn Armstrong as member it em Baer got pictures not getn em go
Not whenever can threaten huh
Not blonde that yahs go fix stupid that go who u talkn bout .. not u JoAnn in card u know ..
She knows my daughter thur at Terr Too.what how figure..
Calvin had copy of checks .who that bout amber need money independent.dont got money other time what hey get money mom JoAnn tis gal. U lied so have mental thur I know it huh ahhha. Go IU CE t
Get Jim same picture Faty at dads funeral go had em go thought dad funeral
Fukn lier takn Faty so pictures to work . Here
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 21:21:21 GMT reply
What u talkn bout what that mhm.
U leave ..
Keep sayn shit to us like tis..
Who u bout again u ladies in town.. Y ah I herd something man..
That this guy tis lady goes to stores with is lier again think so ..
Why vikings Fan usen ..
She ask him IU Terry Moore from Vikings of Minnesota team can have autograph.
Quite helpn ..
Hey tis team tell yah Ur stalking cheerleader thou move moveout yah get so fuk pist off went south .. I think went back in my head as JoAnn back age 3 yrs old went to Kentucky go
See I ain't dumny want one ..
Hey lover his what's name lady ..
How doin huh MISS LADY..
Seen Alona Gronbach yah man look like so
Fuk her Hoyt heads ..
Does heads man look like thur say fatso JH herd it
What's I told her fatso what's Ur problem who u Terr say
NO Not I'm marriage Ron as sheriff Algona knock off MAN stupid ass guy
Kick like his stepdad ..
Joan get her Limbaugh nothing happens any families go fatso say her grade it's shit schools ftball idk think has any.
Can thur got u see u all usen can go
Urs to potato yah
What tis menke as Dan in prison to streets and Cantu Rey mine no Jo never had kids huh go
Kinda child support whit menke. Realy.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 16:18:45 GMT reply
Excuse me alright Limbaugh alright sos
Seen it man. BROA
Hope pray not up him last name. Too
Yah . Herd to man . lol
Who u in here American Gladiator mhm.
U em up thur aha
What say opp RIGHT go
Yas u Limbaugh families as usen Faber
Who u now hey . Watch man one big guy.
Go knows how READ up lol
Okay u another one em kinds Sol's
Too. See it go
Jackass go u not say him now he now sos
Who u m alright .. yah
Hold down take there go
Bring it wherever mhm too
Stop READ up Nate get em it put it go
Fukr her go lol TOO need him fukr go
Dying t all one like em at 6'6 Go at my home THUR
Been shot by Snoop Dog THUR
Yah u I know u guy don't we man huh
Now who jetsz in class who u lady . Sos
Who Ur same class Ruhnke as Brandon huh
To Jack third y ap two one Kelly Jetriz
Okay in laws who u JoAnn yas go 1999 AHS
With Mhyre now that one look down READ Up her that Thompson put it go
Look low down next box truth go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 16:00:20 GMT reply
I ahhha talk type for u Rog.
U do jetsz it jetnz as Kelly as Mindy I think so
I'm Thompson man both same like that one
U went let me meet u now in town woman my kids loved the jets or both names either ways get I cmon too BROA go
U learn W words gangs streets thugs too cars too what no JOANNE fat gl fuku her hey bout braces t thur yas
Send Rog . Copy one how out in here pic. Tis braces one found
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 15:48:59 GMT reply
Play hair head .
Not her Un house
As her to her aunt deb stop I her ..
Nobody Armstrong say I bitch go
Fukr retard who retard smell it hits go
Not doin wit brackets cuz welfare pay it say Joan . Here not hassaren
Not typing zoey is I know it go
Zoey I'm Holtz but Judy not known who she talk to say wickwire go
Got actually cards number JoAnn teeth brackets braces as colord one all it number medical not y as is why I pork chop h answer it go
Ask sting what type by JoAnn
Somethin bout when I Calvin in car racing but get was jealous than I seen her Stepsister in who not go wrong fuk deb Armstrong bitch .
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 19:42:59 GMT reply
U guys local bout patches Doll s
Started it
Fat sexy chick funny shit my life really sayn long time days like me no listen am PORK CHOP three 3 years but for two 2 go
I even sense tis age man here mine sos
Yah PORK CHOP I'm Kim Kelly bot that go Tina Calvin zoey Zack .
Cousin's all dads .. mam what cannot quite laughn man Doll s fuk HELL
What for urijah . God dam it
Kids som go
Can go
Shut up u mine name urijah..Yah go
Sorry old dolls r ages us kids be back R's of 8 yrs . NOW Dam it God Reed away I'm Alona go fukr . Ashlee
Say have kids Urijah. Kids sos
Not u BROA
Know u som place fat sexy chick go u HOT Mama yah learn Charlie Sheen em it go
Movies something go
Old guy yah know lol making out feel me here me out Urijah sayn plays Doll y
Hey u sayn something papers too no
Nothing papers too go
What's that alright talkn here whit
Yas go
Guys gals whatever u laughn bout nirgas.
Huh bullshit I not idiots go fuku local go even it's does it snoop up it before never go here it tis does Bookers it go seen it here me up huh lol TOO know em suckers Too go huh
I knows bout I'm shut mouth yap go pigs doin hits no bacon no lol though hey listen shit know fukn eat warms. That READ does that lol thur
Calvin haha. Where dam it yo lol
Than Ur site says huh som bout tis up thur I. Middle part Bookers go does it knows em it does it yo go opp to
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 15:56:42 GMT reply
Maybe the knows em so-so uses em after up em thur knows one em so-so THUR go
What up that ass off sidelines worse than part night out member it tis fukn ass whips yah h red up good D used by knows best manis MAN no LIER Fans his go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 14:58:56 GMT reply
How Bj Armstrong nuts cut off . by Pork Chop ass child go fukr cut off u
Nuts go boy go
Nice spell word Snoop Dog neirdurd
Nah need nerd word go no kid go
Fuk her go sit boy lol.too
N been no but herd we Iowa up here tis from Grandma VI tis that aha mhm let's see here here from her huh it was call hone by JoAnn Armstrong gal her daughter got directory assistant by that 411 # number go gave it sayn cousin no more RIGHT I'm Sting I know how READ say Dam it go
Say phoned Bj Armstrong he who Iowa NBA star who ever go
Hey Iowa u loose mind Bj .
He no u kid no .. I'm keli I'm 22 who Calvin on Iowa back than 22 hornezo
Thur go yah white guy fuku her fat Iowa gal Olympic h handicap hey hi us Troy
Haha . U ah his girlfriend lil thing follow em and end up piss on uniform his got post off go no I do that who did u
Told coach got him believe it got Bj in it wore uniform on court to that night sayn he pist in it go
Faber just shut up truth say Nate Faber
Go probably did it he did it best dumb stuff . Like that blank Jo u do act up say Brandon Wegher yah thur Brandon Wegher go keep real it up here go no not do yet nah wrong .
He did blaming me Jo . Cali thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 13:27:24 GMT reply
We. Take down paper or plastic or boards so see high only THUR
SORRY lies Karen and stepdad Tiger
got make sure JOANNE ARMSTRONG knows yah first dumny . Hi AIDS HIV
She raised up arms sleeves now cuz arms where both broken as child by him and that was name mark Johnson at time gave him it .
As Johnson and Maqic Johnson
U guy sayn say I u know my do u
How u get name Bj Armstrong than dumny
Say I Lance Armstrong racer bicycles of Texas BROA
Had be something THUR guy nigra hell.in cell go my families touch u r ass right HOMES.. Joanne in Akron was born in Fort Dodge Iowa show us wrestler cousin's as BC it all herd guy mark Johnson
Yah report u r drive too
How say us not has tv I'm home go
Broa Tiger
Show truth child I as Tim Dwight know pick Ur ass Iowa in Ames man
Reason Armstrong fat gal her now again okay retard nigra let's go again BROA
U type it for him r u y ap go
Smell my pot now
U but Armstrong got pick up for Ames
After beating up by Tim Dwight
Terry ANUAL has it like
Bj Armstrong u put it say Lance go
SORRY p layer r x player put it BROA
Pro how ever say words in sings whatever go
How how it go Vince Neil go
Com man help her brother nigra
She not pic u up Tiger.
Go I'm badland Vince IU t place p a en has concerts r rich boy like it go
Sioux City nigra Armstrong go Bj ioway
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 12:34:42 GMT reply
And tis for u enemies too ..
Top it off here an memory of pop in
IAm like an man of a woman indeed piece ass did it an woman like u but I'm an man . . Go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 12:31:17 GMT reply
For all u slickers out there ..
I don't know I eat warms...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 23:28:26 GMT reply
U guys over thur it BEATUP Fat al guy when I was in school Iowa Hawkeye go
Herd something bout yahs I do have nigras go I stick-up for Jo Armstrong gal not best BROA SOS
Show us tis birth certificate of herself
And parents same moose in laws. Calvin Moore now she say how put his on by camera who took off camera ger phone when she want pictures the his BC HUH
Of Armstrong name I F Moose in laws SOS
Oh Boy says by her went Deb had it done says her but Deb just say her is BC sos
No other way must too Ben deb misunderstood it Thur go
JoAnn lift massage at Fort Dodge to say it boys Algona twin thur Go
Lied all of us who they wherever r huh
Idk know now she say her cuz tis Why whenever I knew someone they lie
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 23:14:57 GMT reply
Hope ain't Ur shit .
PORK CHOP r u on no I do not know put it sos . U r now what
Hey told me I'm ass clown . U know ady.
No but clown on news they no put tis RIGHT Po h shit what READ man I know I how READ up clown on news Ur ah get tis some bout report says aha clowns rrunn on interstate over in California o me em interstates go clowns doin it man sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 21:55:01 GMT reply
I y ah yah aha guess oh right FABER
It seems n information people jaw problem right now
Here . I don't say
I don't neither Christmas
Sioux City I went concert of who ..
Want know say snoop dog of Calvin .
No need put it. Know had go
Lil John . Lil Flip . Lil Erie . Lil Wayne . Go other there too
Why not show up afraid get shit huh Dog
. Who u guys trash . Liers.
Means behind W here at not see of a I ey usen name Jo Ann Kay Armstrong thought drug name .. no tis food . No who u Pork Chop so
Let see if that why cannot who in home
Wheeler chair from Sioux City I now's not. How u know .
Cuz . School always over that we seen it Thur begin life BROA.
At driven grand am before skyla told her it getn it I shot yah
Hey yo were wrestlers ask by JoAnn Armstrong on email again from child last year's 1983 can tis use Brian Bruiner and Jim. T win as they're brother's in awa with sting first began out hulk mania . Go yah it honey go
R even his date birth . Em birth wrestling go matches as u joan as fat baby than yu urs girl Beny nobody by that name as he Thomas go ROD. Guy Sue
Kramer go uncle aunt has same baby pictures if u but em TOO
I'm us awa wrestler s hulk mania go
Again I'm well brother how u lady nice see u alive well. And I'm sting TOO
It's her use us guys gals shut go honey as Jo usen Armstrong mam thur talkn fat u who were r no but in in us manners boy homes brother go back with Austin broa
As u know em up Steve Bruiner go homies
Actn Austin to stone cold to Bechmier too. Hey fukn fat p iece shut like her dad. No not go dirty try words MAN go
Who one use wrestlers know brother big large fat baby newborn JoAnn sense name Armstrong go h er why herd know like hits people yah need it guys go
Kicker guys ass sin butch I'm sting kick buff I'm him her member buff wwe.
Live her too man
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 01:01:40 GMT reply
Eight u under table ass clowns I'm wit my sis beat crib too man
Uncle Lyle as Sony
I only uncle gave shit thur BROA
When I born Fort Dodge mom Viola commit him bout drink habits smoking too bro
Too. But tis was he said name after my daughter Jodi GO listen tapes No lies
GO he sayn I'm girl at u ah try JoAnn
Year 1980 Zoey
CMON Jo u know u do so miss Sony
Beat say Jim I do TOO t I have been Thur
Seen JoAnn born thur female fukr Thur m ass clowns. I was 17 u R's old figure out sophomore Algona High that 10 grade MAN yah say I Jim Go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 00:56:19 GMT reply
I'm JoAnn Armstrong had uncle Frankfurt BAD sense ages 2 yrs old and smoke cigarettes Thur
Wrong they did put him nursing home
I know facts it seems his body when put him in THUR GO
Changing body from that sense ages two yrs old. Back yrs ago like 1936 GO lived be 81 yrs old should been 105 like my great uncle of my mom side Roni Pedersen GO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 19:58:23 GMT reply
Hey.. excuse u hrdlicha to Melissa..
Least never cheated with tis had before charges girlfriend.. GO
But I herd JoAnn Kay Armstrong went prom of in tis guy year 1999 college Iowa ..
He Kofi Kingston. Yah plus TRUTH colors carry his kid GO BROA
Say us IOWA STATE CYCLONES place small building of by YMCA by High School in Lemars Iowa m fuk
Yah u wish Kofi Kingston NOT PORK CHOP girlfriend.. of that to IOWA HAWKEYES..
Hey .. way Rapper u Fukr u love Fat Bitch. Yah like Ur HOMES sayn out THUR
Whoa PORK CHOP fuk yas go home's
Hey piece shit my mom I'm Brody..
U say HUH son BITCHES LoL not funny it's dumb born try is u born Ur like her dad says her u tis one Joan HUH who has been checked for viruses born dumb fix stupid
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