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He brought a date at Austin Barnes wedding very cute blonde girl
Yesterday Corky was watching TV and was surprised when he saw a much younger ‘Zoink Man’ being ass raped by an obese High School principal and a Mexican guy with a mullet who was wearing a wrestling singlet. This made Corky a extremely happy and he made the Zoink Man come in and watch with him. He then jerked off as the Zoink Man cried while being forced to relive the abuse he had suffered. It was quite erotic and really made Corky horny! Who knew the ‘Zoink Man’ was once a TV Star!
If he liked Astrid so much why didn’t he leave Andrea???
Excuse me? Hello? Is anyone home? How come no one posts anything here but me? Did you all lose your memories? Did you forget how to write and how to read? Hm, I see. Well, it is 2018 (hard to believe) the weather has been wrong all year long for what I know, A-Rod and Jenny from the Bronx are still going duper strong, and our current president is Mogul Donald Trump. I know, we are living in a very focked up world!!! Lol
Rick’s got this thick beard... and oh man 😍
42:40 $$$ that’s why she’s hanging on for so long, until he dumps her finally if he hasn’t already
The guy is a low life trouble maker!
I saw that and I can only think of one person who would ask that question 😆 Even if you vary on how serious you think they are she is not just stalking him. 😂
Looks like bp is single again
is he gay?
He was just following his nephew around. Nothing exciting. His sister in law had the baby on her lap and his dad was sweeping in the kitchen. Very exciting!
Just great!!!! We are going into 2018 with a backup ca.t.Cher who hit .170 last year. Molina sztar
Responding to the last two posts......Well, I'm not Randy, but it is obvious that they got what they were after, the sex. .As for the empathy of THESE LADIES, those women are NOT ladies. In many cases they are married women cheating on their husbands. Or sex freaks going to the swingers clubs which are known hot beds for STDs. .I'll give you that all those women are sluts that are willing to support a guy who obviously has no money so they can get some. They are horny, older, homely women that Pete has taken advantage of, but they end up getting what they want out of it; basically they get his dick (along with the herpes and genital warts). As Pete gets older, the women he hits on will get older too. He is doing a woman in her 50s now, and when he is 40 he'll be doing grannies in their 60s and 70s. SMGDFH!
yeah they deleted comments, but you can still find the pics of him and her on twitter
chris archer
Remember when George was young & didn't have to wear a combover?
He is gay
18:50 and you are a typical liberal thug troll
04:27 wow you sound like a faggot!!!!
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Rook, it is yellow and has heavy rust damage on the passenger side. Your friends story seems to describe those two lovebirds perfectly. Everywhere they seem to go they must make passionate love to each other. Even in a dirty gas station bathroom. Anthony looked like he’s well over 300 pounds. I wonder if he will even play for the Cubs this season or if he will continue hanging out and banging Steve Bartman!
Legend!!!! Boo how are you it’s me red... you see fatty in LA they gonna cut his ass soon yeah been done with fatty iam in London eating Nooks n crannies with Brit bae
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