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Amazing display of power with 3 wicked infield outs tonight. A popup and 2 ground balls. What a difference his off season hard work on a new stance and swing has made. Just absolutely stunning results that has locked up the Comeback Player of Year award. And set the bar high for future Comeback Player awards. oh..............wait......
Like to shove that crooked hat up his Maddon for playing this piece of crap
Google DG have you read this? The only posts on here are nonsense but this article had such heart and substance I wanted to pass it along. Don't you agree that it is how Tim's fans feel? Season is winding down. My Royals are hanging on by the skin of their teeth and their chances are ever so slim. But I still love them and will follow them. Love the Giants too. It will be a good postseason if you are a fan of the game because the teams in the hunt have done a great job. Good luck to all! DG your Dodgers could do it! Watch out for the Indians though....they are definitely on a tear. No matter what I hope that we can ocassionally chat whether Tim plays again or not. I have enjoyed our discussions and this game has become endeared to my heart. The useless drivel on here recently does not drive me away from exchanging thoughts with you two. (Others who are real fans as well). Hope hou are doing well. />
The following is not a misprint: As of the last 7 days, Baez's ERA is a soaring 21.60 and for the month of September, it's ballooned to a 20.77 ERA. Anyone with a functioning brain knows that Baez should no longer be on this team. The Dodgers ditched Hatcher and Romo earlier this season, yet they still keep Baez??!! WTH is the wrong with Roberts and the front office?
This guy is pure dogshit. Even in low pressure situations he folds like cheap shirt. The whole dodger bullpen is crap except Jansen. But yeah keep spending money on washed up garbage players like darvish. 1 and done in NLDS guaranteed.
Someone on here said they found private photos Aaron and I wanna know where I can find them. What kind of photos are they?
How does this bearded pole smoker have a job?
Kind of like the times Nomar would shoot up with his pals Manny and big poopie.
Hey Red hope all is well, this season has been so boring.. Maybe I should try football.
yes he sucks the worst like really badly
He is going to be a great father. I love seeing him with his nephew. I can't wait to see how he is with his niece! (I think that is what they're having).
Hey A-Rod, how are you? I hope you are not doing so good. I have a question for you. Is your used up girlfriend addicted to drugs? Does she smoke and drinks too much alcohol? Answer me, por favor because I need to know why she looks so old. Me and her are pretty much the same age, yet she looks like I'm going to look when I'm 70. And she is FAT!!! She must love to eat big time crap because how come she is fat when at the same time she works out more than a guy? And she has an ugly ass!!! Is she freaking blind? Tell me please my love, I also need to know, where does she buy her ugly shoes and clothes? At a thrift store? And who does her makeup and hair? Her Mexican maid? I didn't know Jennifer Lopez was so low class until she got with you!!! Now, that's bad!!! Really bad!!! Go cry
I think you might be right.....I went jogging but streamed the game on my's funny I've always liked Ellsbury, never gave up on him......I hate Hicks and the Yankees broadcast especially Kay always promoted him over Ellsbury, you could see overtly who the player was but the YES couldn't!
Hahahaha Cindy you are freaking crazy!!! I could care less that Randy bullys me but I am not who you think I am!!!! If she doesn't answer your texts from your personal cell phone or your app that you got to bully her, why would you EVER think that she would answer you on here??????? You are a stalker bc she did make a police report!!! Are you not the one who told her you had herpes from PP and you asked her if she had them?????? You are dirty and nasty!!!!! Did you not tell her that Elsie cheated with a younger man and the Parises are getting a divorce? Did you not tell her that Gennifer has herpes????? So who started the rumors??? You did and you should have left it alone when you were ahead!!! Make your police report!!! I dare you!!!!!!! You stupid nasty herpes filled ho!!!! No wonder PP beat you up soooooo many times!!!!! Hahahaha
like many gay men, Alex likes to eat feces. he just can't get enough of it! Corky gives him a diaper full of dookie 💩 and urine every few hours and A-Rod quickly gobbles it down!
Yost lykes ridin hiz big stick wit all dose homers
Hosmer givin Mous da chocolate starfish 2nyte 4 da homer record lol
Pajamas still don't fit this hippo nutsack.
Overblown overrated dog turd.
Don Knotts.
Just another suckass midget
You'll be surprised vet, your luck could change lol. Rookie I enjoyed the chat. Goodnight y'all.
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